Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fresh Start!

Happy Sunday everyone!

For those of you who have previously followed me on my last blog, thank you soo much for taking the time to visit my new blog. It's honestly been awhile (almost 3 years actually), since I have actually blogged on a regular basis. You could thank university for that. Anyway, I have been itching to blog for the longest time, and - trust me - blogging does jump back into my mind every now and then while I was living the college life. I miss and love the feeling of planning and photographing for different outfits with my siblings, trying something new (buying those cute tops or bottoms), writing and thinking of creative content, and most of all, connecting with my fellow blogger friends and readers!! 

I'm back at home (Edmonton, Canada) for the summer and you know what that means... Time to nag my siblings to help me take photos! This is actually a real struggle, sometimes. Anyone have any tips with finding some enthusiastic photographers? Ahahah.

For today's outfit, I have this loose, dark nude chiffon pair of pants balanced with this cute crop tank top (or bralette, if you will), which helps give my body some figure. I love the simple details of the top- the extra straps make it look so cute (and sexy when it pops out against a sweater). I've recently also been addicted to shopping online at because of the variety of clothing. I honestly thought I was over the shopping phase since blogging, but this past year has got me crazy over shopping for new clothes (perhaps it's a business school thing? or because we had so many events to attend??).  

Awkward hands. 

It feels so good to get back into blogging- everyday is a new, exciting adventure, and I love reconnecting back with the blogging community. 

And last but not least, another smiling photo!! ;) 

I am also digging this leather jacket from Yesstyle- I was craving a nice jacket but haven't quite found one that had the ideal cutting and design (with the exception of a really nice one from Zara with a price tag that threw me off). This one was bought from Yesstyle I believe for around $30-$40 Canadian and it will do for now :) I love leather jackets- they cling onto you and make you feel put together. Whenever I go out with my baby siblings, I feel like a hot mommy with it on! 

-- Outfit Details --
Black Bralette Top:
Leather Jacket:
Chiffon pants:
Bag: Michael Kors 

Wishing all of you a great start to the week! 



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