Saturday, 29 July 2017

A Comfy & Casual Kpop-Inspired Outfit

Hi hi everyone! 

'Tis the weekend, and you know what that means.. more time for blogging! 
With every weekend that goes by, there's one less week of summer and another week edging closer to school. :( I'm excited for the upcoming year, but I just can't believe how quick time is dissolving. I still have a lot of things I want to accomplish this summer, and it's so hard to get things done, heh. I've recently bought myself a bullet journal to keep myself more productive and motivated in accomplishing these summer goals, and I'll let you guys know how it goes in the next few weeks! 

Today's outfit was kpop-inspired- it reminds me of those kpop girl group dances, you know? (Speaking of which, one of my favourite ones my friends and I have tried dancing was Mr. Chu by Apink.) :) It features a light cropped, baseball-tee styled tee shirt paired with these light blue denim shorts. Very comfy and suitable for dancing. I also wore a gold ring on my thumb and these hooped earrings I bought the other day from H&M since I can't seem to find pairs of my old earrings anymore (they were either rusted and/or the other partner was lost), which adds a touch of class to the rest of the cute, casual look. The sandals are great for the summer, but obviously it'd be near impossible to dance with them, hahah.

Please don't mind my excessive posing. ^^" My neighbours were outside barbecuing and I bet they were silently judging me (but that's fine, hehe, I don't mind being labelled as crazy and weird by others, haha.. I'm used to it. My siblings can testify to that.)  

This moment was captured half a second after dropping my sunnies.

I spy a stroller and a playground 8D 

Such a shame whenever the camera doesn't focus and it captures a decent but blurry pic :(
Cut me some slack though, because I'm using a self-timer !! ^^" 

One of my summer to-do's include a DIY project that I will be releasing later on! :) 
I will be spending loads of time with my bullet journal within the next few days and I can't wait because I have a good feeling it'll keep me motivated throughout the next school year ^^"
By the way, thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm so happy that people are reading my blog and I don't look like I'm just that bored with life that I'm taking selfies of my outfits to throw into the already messy and crowded online world out there. I'm also really excited to read my fellow blogger friends' blogs, which I know I haven't been getting around to yet, but soon!!! Just you wait ;) 

What are some of your summer to-do's, and how do you keep motivated in achieving them?
Have any of you tried bullet journaling? If so, how do you organize your to-do's, goals, etc.?

Let's all do our best and not let the heat bring us down!


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