Saturday, 1 July 2017

Canadian L"eh"dy (lady) #Sorrynotsorry

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada's 150th Birthday and today's look was inspired by the red and white colours of the Canadian flag. My makeup was also inspired by this special day, with hints of red and white dominating my eyes and lips. 

It was a pretty rainy day so I mainly stayed at home today organizing all my clothes (soon bringing back to school and to our family Asia trip- cannot wait!) and styling this look. :) 

CANADA!!! Whenever I go travelling, I always feel the need to explain to locals abroad that Canada is right above the States. They almost always know where the States is. Just not necessarily Canada.

Being born and raised in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta, specifically), I am so grateful of my citizenship and my privileges living here. I love how we make an effort to embrace diversity and multiculturalism through allowing immigrants to maintain and share their culture. Growing up, I've be privileged to meet different people and explore different cultures within a safe and friendly environment. Obviously, this is not a perfect country and I'm not saying everything is 100% amazing with absolutely no discrimination and whatnot, because of the Constitution and various Acts we have in place, but compared to other countries I've been to and have researched, Canada is making advanced progress in the world. 

Anyhow, I am here to uncover some Canadian stereotypes! Read below for more :) 
Only these first two pictures are blurry. I promise the rest will be okay.

#1: Canadians say "eh" and "sorry" a lot?
Why do we say "eh" (pronounced aye)? Well.. it's similar to saying "right?" at the end of a sentence, but in a more casual and upbeat tone (possibly incorporating a little humor into it as well, if you will). It's just a fun way to keep the conversation light as well. I honestly couldn't tell you how it came about, haha.

We do apologize quite a lot, and usually for small things. Sometimes I accidentally catch myself apologizing when someone runs into me

#2: Canadians love hockey.
Growing up, I remember constantly watching hockey games on TV (especially when Edmonton Oilers were in the Stanley Cup playoffs back when I was in 4th grade, around 2004). I believe there's a sense of belonging and the urge to cheer on your city/team that pushes you to watch hockey. I'm not a big sports person, but hockey is really simple to understand and fun to watch as it's fast (unlike baseball games which could get long and boring). We also played floor hockey a lot during gym classes back in school. Never learned how to skate though :( 

#3: Canadians are friendly.
Could it possibly be because we have less people up here in the north that we really love social interaction and want to make up for the lack of possible interaction? Or that we're constantly apologizing? I can't back this one up, but I usually do feel pretty safe around town.

#4: We ride polar bears and live in igloos.
Okay, seriously? This might be the case up north in Nunavut where it's a lot colder, but definitely not in the more population-dense cities and locations! It's definitely not cold enough to shelter polar bears here or build lasting igloos. :) 

#5: Canadians love their maple syrup.
It's pretty yummy on pancakes, I do admit. Not too much though- that's a lot of sugar there! 

Here are the top 5 Canadian stereotypes I've heard of! What have you heard of, and what stereotypes are there for your own country? :) I'd love to hear them in the comments below!! 

If I should've changed anything about this look, I should've pulled on a pair of fishnet tights- it would look really rebellious and chic, especially with my leather jacket. ;) I'll just have to save it for another day. I bought this white shift dress recently from H&M. I don't know.. when I tried it on at the fitting room it looked really cute, but upon trying it at home, it just doesn't radiate the same "cute vibes" I thought it had before. Hmm, feels like it's more of a comfy looking, casual dress. Perhaps it could work as PJ's too. What do you think?

And of course I couldn't forget the red headband I bought years ago from Ardene! :) 

--Outfit Details--
Red headband: Ardene
White Dress: H&M
Leather jacket: Forever 21
Booties: I'll have to check... 

I hope you all have an amazing day!!


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