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eZn ((Shaking)) Pudding Hair Color Korean Dye Product: Orange #6.4 Review

People would dye for my hair. punintended

For the longest time, I've been taught/raised that dyeing my hair wasn't the best idea and that it could cause cancer. Although my family weren't the traditional asian type of strict families, they would simply suggest us what to do and what to avoid (which actually makes it harder for me to rebel imo :P). For example, they'd suggest us not to date until after high school (my brother broke this rule and eh, what do you know, WWIII didn't break out ~). 

But growing up, being a fan of kpop, korean dramas, watching animes (where characters have crazy hair colours), and seeing friends and classmates changing hair colours simply kept me thinking and wondering how would dyed hair look on me? Have you dyed your hair before and what colour(s)? If you haven't, what colours would you dye it? 

I'm pretty sure you all know what this post will be focusing on by this point :P, so I digress and without furtherado, I've decided to write up a review on the "Shaking" Pudding Hair Color Dye in Coral Orange :") 
I've decided not to dye my roots as I don't want to go all crazy and out since I will be entering my fourth year of university/college in September and this will be the crucial full-time job recruitment time-frame. Not to say that workplaces are against freedom of expression through hair-dyeing, but I think I should keep it safe for now. :) Originally, I wanted to dye my hair purple (from the middle section, blending it to the ends), but I couldn't find any hair dye products for it at T&T Supermarket (an Asian supermarket within Canada). 

For those interested in this product or the hair-dyeing process, read on! If not, I'd still love to hear your thoughts on your previous hair dyeing experiences or your opinion on it! What colours are you thinking? :) 

Product Packaging

As you can see, they offer seven different colours, and this appears to be more of a nourishing type of hair-dye which is awesome because it's less harmful to the hair. It's made in Korea and is ammonia-free (less harmful!! Yes!). What I think is interesting about it is that it becomes a pudding, making this hair dyeing experience interesting and a little fun, teehee. :") 
The three major content within the Hair Color Product- the hair dye product, the Self Coloring Kit and instructions
#1: Instructions- provided in both Korean and English! 

#2: Content within the Self-Coloring Kit! Wear the gloves, plastic cape, and ear protection before beginning! 

#3: Content within the Hair Dye box: two different solutions within bottles

Pour the two solutions into the mixing bottle! 
Ensure you close the lid firmly (when you hear the CLICK sound, you're good to go and shake to mix the solutions)!
Mixing! Ensure you shake the bottle horizontally, left to right, instead of vertically. 

The instructions read not to shake too fast or vigilantly.. oops, hahah.

 After Mixing... HERE IS THE PUDDING! 
Voila! Notice the thickness of the solution, making it easy to apply to the hair..
 Take time to apply the pudding onto your hair, then allow time for the formula to settle within your hair. I basically applied the product all over my hair, except for areas near the roots since I wanted the colour to run mainly from the middle to the ends of the hair. 

Wait for...

  • 20 minutes if you want grey coverage
  • 30 minutes if you want the fancy/bleached colour

Of course, I wanted the fancy orange colour- so 30 minutes it was for me! 
Time to sit back, relax, enjoy the sun, listen to some kpop and head onto the blog~ 

I then followed the instructions to rinse my hair until the water running no longer has any color. Then, apply an appropriate amount (I had a medium-sized blob) of the Angel Ring Hair treatment to your hair and allow it to rest within your hair for 3 minutes before washing it off. The purpose of the Angel Ring Hair Treatment is to nourish your hair and also prevent further colour from washing off. You're supposed to apply it once a week. 

I did some research online and supposedly this hair dye is supposed to last for three weeks, so I'd say this packet of Angel Ring Hair Treatment definitely has enough formula to last the three weeks! 

One thing that I should've probably done was bleach my hair before using this product. Since my hair is black, the colour obviously didn't penetrate that well and it's actually pretty hard to tell I dyed it unless under the sun. Here are some pics of the after results!! :) 

It's somewhat noticeable with the sun behind me! 

Rating Time 
Price: 3.5/5
This is fairly inexpensive ($18 Canadian, bought from TNT, an Asian supermarket) compared to other Asian brands like Palty (ranging from $30-$40, depending on where you shop), but compared to other brands like L'Oreal where you could find at Shoppers Drug Mart/a local drug store, it's quite a hefty price.

Packaging: 5/5
I found the packaging to be very appealing and super cute. :") The idea of a pudding was also quite cute, and I guess I did have fun shaking the bottle, hehe. I also liked how they provided all the products (i.e., plastic cape, gloves, etc.) and organized them very well. 

Instructions: 5/5
Very easy-to-follow, and although this was from Korea, they provided both Korean and English instructions! There were pictures to follow along and a very simple, clear, step-by-step process outlined. They provided a pretty accurate length of time for the dyeing process, and had tips illustrated throughout the instructions. 

Results: 3/5
Obviously, this didn't turn out very orange or noticeable. I guess this is partly due on my fault for not bleaching my hair, knowing it'd be difficult to penetrate through black hair. I wanted to avoid the bleaching so it wouldn't be extremely acidic and harmful to my hair... but I suppose bleaching is inevitable. The dye should last around three weeks *pout* but I'd say it's decent for the price. They also provide the Angel Ring Treatment that nourishes your hair and prevents accelerated fading of hair colour from washing. If I'd bleached it, I'd probably give it a 3.5 to 4, considering it should last a little before a month. As for the smell, I personally didn't think it smelled very toxic- rather, a little like nail polish remover. My Mom, on the other hand, kept complaining about how bad it smelled. Make sure you turn the vent on (in the washroom) and open the windows! I believe the odour only lingered for a couple of hours. 

Overall, I would definitely give it another go with another colour (interested in pink or the blonde) but only if I bleached my hair first!

What do you think about the process of this hair-dyeing experience? Was it any similar to your previous ones if you've dyed your hair before?
If you haven't dyed your hair before, why not, and what colour would you dye it if given the chance? :") 


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