Thursday, 27 July 2017

Kawaii & Colourful Pom Pom Shorts / / Back to Youthful Times

Ever since university, and especially entering business school, I noticed a drastic change in my style of clothing. More black, grey, dark-scale monotone clothing.. white blouses. Outfits were often a semi-casual blouse with jeans, or along the lines of something like that. University was a mix of trying to dress more maturely and business-like (especially for presentations and networking sessions) and comfy clothing (especially for those early 8am classes post late bar/club social nights and our 48-hour group reports). I felt especially un-stylish (if that is a word.. no it's not, but that's alright since this is my little world of blogging) and I don't want to remember what I've worn *insert laughing tears emoji face*

Honestly, it was definitely a memorable, crazy year packed with so much homework and class work with classmates (prepping for classes and trying to score a good class contribution mark 3 classes a day), summer job hunting, networking, Frog Thursdays (free entry into a bar every Thursday, but of course I attended only a handful throughout the entire year), and some occasional semi-formal nights of celebrations. It went by so quickly and I can't describe how, but I definitely feel transformed thus far, becoming more mature, open-minded, and a little crazy, hahah. 

Since coming back home for the summer, I've been meeting up with friends, working for an assisted living facility, and just returning to the blogging world. 

Summer '17 has got me back into the imaginary world (where I practically lived in before university)- full of kpop, asian dramas and TV shows, blogging and just enjoying my youth again. There's just been enough stress with full-time job recruiting and adulting from my business school that I think we should all take a deep breath and look at the big picture. We'll all be working for the rest of our lives, so why not also take the time to enjoy this moment? Same goes with dressing up maturely and all that. Therefore, I present to you this outfit, featuring these colourful pom pom chiffon shorts, bought by my sister, during our online shopping craze back in those years (aka, this is no longer hip, but hey, I've got a thing for those no-longer-trendy pieces ;))! I've matched them with this black bralette top from Yesstyle, and this knit cardi. 

This outfit reminds me of those instagram clothing celebrities who'd often post cute comfy outfits starring a cute tank top, cardigan, and some shorts (back in 2013, when I started blogging)! Of course I needed a twist to it and added this navy blue bow headband and rubber sandals. 

Too hot and warm outside? Trying to avoid a tan? Wrap this cardigan around your shoulders for another effortlessly cute look! P.S. Please excuse the grass... I'll get it cut soon. :P

/ / OUTFIT / / 
Black bralette top: Yesstyle
Cardigan: I'll double check soon! 
Colourful Pom Pom Shorts: eBay
Shoes: Little Burgundy Shoes

Of course, I'm still a lover of chic business-like outfits. I have a couple of nice outfits perfect for signing those business deals (haha, I wish), but I think it's important for us to relax and take the time to dress youthful because we still have the rest of our lives to dress grown-up for work! ;)

Do you have any of those "youthful" or "crazier" type of clothing pieces in your closet right now? What is it?? :P When do you pull those out? 
What types of clothing pieces do you usually wear for school or work? :) 


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