Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Low-Key Sportsy // gym memberships

It's probably meant to be...

I should probably be blogging about how often I go to the gym, the type of workouts I do... just like the typical positive and enthusiastic blogger, eh? Nah, let's keep it real. Here's a post about what happened yesterday. 

I headed to Spa Lady (an all-ladies fitness gym) yesterday with the goal of cancelling my monthly membership since I've realized I haven't been going to the gym as often as I wished, there isn't as many gym equipment as I'd like to use, and I've been exercising at home when I can. Lady tells me there is a 30 day notice required for cancellation! Ugh, this is why you read contracts before you sign them. And don't ever let them rush you when you're reading it! 

I remember I was trying to carefully read the terms back when I signed up, and she told me it was nothing- it was merely everything she'd just explained. Under time pressure, I agreed and didn't bother skimming. 
TLDR; I have until August the 30th (still have to pay until then) before my gym membership officially cancels! Just 3 days before my Japan trip. 

I guess it's meant to be... that I should be going to the gym then. Hahahah.  

In memory of this beautiful moment, here's my "sportsy" outfit, starring my cropped strappy black top, striped pants, and Adidas sneakers. Man, those pants take the credit for making the outfit look a little more athletic! :") 

Now that summer is here... everyone's probably aiming for that summer body hey? I can't believe how significant my body has changed since university began. Especially after this year. Truth be told, I never had a huge issue with Freshman15 whilst in first year, despite the oily and slightly unhealthy cafeteria food. I suppose it did however contribute to deteriorating my metabolism. 

I've actually been the person who headed to the gym very irregularly (i.e., maybe a couple times after exams) until recently.

This past year was full of busy case studies (homework everyday and preparing for marked class contributions/participation), networking events/summer job recruiting, extra-curriculars, AND so many social events. My section (there are 8 sections within the first year of the Honors Business Administration program and we literally re-live elementary school all over again as we all took mandatory courses/classes with the same people in the same seats) held weekly pre-bar parties and social gatherings. Believe me, I'm afraid I have been called out numerous times for having a pretty disappointing attendance... my 11pm bedtime rule I established only held for two years of university. P.S. Our business card also granted us free line bypass to a bar/club every Thursday. Of course.

I tried balancing all these activities, but I ended up compromising my sleep and physical well-being. It wasn't until the end of classes and exams in April when I started to realize my metabolism has dropped significantly and that did it- I headed for the gym everyday.   

Anyway, Spa Lady's gym honestly isn't too bad. It's an all-ladies gym where you can work out without the distraction of men (wouldn't some ladies lose motivation though? :P), and since it's a bit pricier (I pay roughly $40/month, plus a one-time membership fee), there are less people. There are also some nice fitness classes you could partake in. Some cons would definitely be the lack in gym equipment and the price. #notsponsored  

A night view of Edmonton. Lol, this looks like 1/100000 of Toronto! If I did a 360 view, you'd be asking if I lived in the countryside.

Do you have any physical health or fitness goals this summer? 
And any recommendations for some cute athletic gear (reasonably priced)?

Let me know in the comments below :) 

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