Monday, 10 July 2017

Please Don't Give me those Cold Shoulders (College Relationships and my Keyboard!!)

Good evening beauties!

I'm so excited to be introducing to you my other photographer's shoot with me-  Trevor, my brother! It took some effort to actually drag him away from his computer to the green outdoors. 

The theme for today's outfit: cold shoulders. I remember eyeing these cold shoulder clothing back in 2014, thinking they looked really cute (back when the white lace and chiffon ones were trending on Instagram), and helloo summer 2017- thank you Zara for bringing the cold shoulder trend into reality, making H&M, Forever 21, etc., all follow suit (no sarcasm intended)! I'm usually not the type to jump on trends immediately because of that business scheme (reminder: I'm a business student ;)) where the trend and demand jacks up the prices. Sigh. #collegestudentsonabudget However, over the past few weeks I caved in for some really cute trending pieces and I cannot wait to show you all! Please bear with me and wait for that outfit post ;) I'm really excited about how the photos will turn out! 

Anyway, I have a striped cold shoulder top here, pairing it with my jeans from Forever 21 (only around $10 on sale, online), with my go-to Michael Kors bag and go-to Adidas sneakers. These Adidas shoes are so comfortable and cute, you'll be seeing my with it throughout the summer! Also because I don't have too many other options as most of my shoes are back in London, Ontario (university town). 

Cold shoulders.. we all know what that means, right? When we talk fashion, it's literally cold shoulders with our shoulders bare and exposed. Another definition of cold shoulders: when given the cold shoulder treatment, you are ignored of- hence, the name "cold" and shoulders as if to shrug you off. Since I recently completed my third year of university (moving on to being a senior of college), I thought I could provide some tips about relationships (how to avoid getting that cold shoulder treatment as well (: ).


It's funny how lots of people say you will find "the one" in college/university. Clearly, this has not been the case for me. BUT, I have seen a number of friends ending up finding a significant other. It's hard, you know. However, it might be because of my high standards? Honestly, I don't think I have high standards since I'm more of a "gut feelings" type of person too. If you asked me, I think it might be a combination of me not being more involved in the places where I may find the ideal type (such as certain student clubs) and not being pro-active enough (I'm quite a passive person, I guess).

However, this year things have changed so much since entering business school. I've learned so much about myself and a thing or two that I could suggest to my fellow readers and friends who may be experiencing this. :) hope they help! Read on for more. 

*P.S. although it might seem silly to be thinking how "logical" my suggestions are, honestly, I've had so many friends around me rant and become stressed out with relationships. This is simply a quick-and-dirty guide that I've built for beginners like me. I honestly wish I knew these tips before college, but life is an experience.

Tip #1: Have Fun but Know Yourself
What are your goals? Are you just trying to have fun and casual relationships? Or are you actually trying to find a serious relationship? If you're aiming for the latter, don't bother hitting the clubs with the slightest hope one of those guys are actually trying to find true love. Make sure that both you and your SO have similar goals out of the relationship, otherwise one of you will end up being hurt.  

#2: If You like someone, Don't be Afraid to express it!
University/college goes by so quickly. Especially since we have so much more freedom than in high school, there is so much to do, so many people to meet, and so little time. That cute guy or girl sitting beside you today might never be seen ever again. Do everything. Fear nothing. Grab their phone number and start off as friends. :) What's the worse that could happen? Gaining a study partner? Something else I found helpful is to directly express your feelings toward a person- or imply it. Take my word for it. I used to be the shy type who'd avoid eye contact with my crushes and acted as if I didn't even realize their existence. Wrong. Girl, I'm not telling you to propose and get all in his face. Give them a smile, and show them you're friendly and you're interested in them. Say hi or strike up a friendly conversation. Start off as friends. Don't set high expectations out of relationships so you'll be more carefree and your true personality will show! If they like you, congratulations. Otherwise, move on, and you've gained yourself a friend. :)

#3: Apps could work?! 
Okay, let's say you're an anti-social person, or you just can't seem to find someone interesting. Consider downloading Tinder or going on a dating website! I have two friends who have actually found their SO and they're still going strong after 2 years! :) It's also a great way to meet other people and make friends. Maybe good for some practice dates too. :'P Make sure to take care of yourself when going on dates (meet during the daytime in public places, etc.). 

#4: Remember, you're young. Live in the moment.
Lastly, I just want to say... if you're nervous or uncertain about relationships, go with your gut feel! Sometimes, I feel that people have too much pressure or expectations trying to find someone who fits their "perfect guy" standards. Maybe that person is just non-existent. We're all not perfect, and that's what makes relationships and people interesting and fun. Don't be afraid to try something- if you never try, you'll never experience anything different. College is definitely a time to learn more about yourself and others. There's such a big world out there, and I'm sure we'll all end up experiencing new and amazing things. Take your time to see what type of people will best fit you, and a realistic SO type for yourself. 

Hm, I really should not have taken these photos after dinner, hey? Anyway, I really hope you take these tips into consideration, and remember to take care of yourself above all. Love yourself, because if you don't, who will love you? Self-care is key and I'm excited to share with you my self-care tips and suggestions over the next few posts. :") Don't give others a cold shoulder, and love yourself to avoid cold shoulders from others.

Anyway.. unfortunately, my laptop recently gave me a cold shoulder. My keyboard is not working after spilling some soup over a couple of keys and I'm currently just scraping by right now with a plain keyboard bought from Walmart for $10.

I am wishing the best for all of you and I hope you're enjoying your summer so far (no cold shoulders except on your clothing I hope)!


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