Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thunderstorms & Tornado Warnings = sUmMEr... & I'm Too Expressive? [Personality Trait]

So, it's summer. 

Don't expect much from Edmonton (north of Alberta within Canada). I mean, we do have our extremely hot and warm dry days, but it's also tornado season and we recently had a couple of severe thunderstorms. My Snapchat was flooding with floods (get it?) and crazy hails knocking off houses and cars. With this in mind, I present to you this fall/spring-looking outfit during the summer!!

I am a big fan of summer since we only have 4 months of it, but I loove layering pieces sometimes, so excuse this fall-looking outfit. :") My Mom got this pair of white jeans for me (finally got myself some white jeans) from Calvin Klein and it fits really well (thank you, Mummy!!) and I betcha I can pair any top I have with these pants and it'll look put together, alright! I bought the coat for my Mom during a trip to summer around 5 years ago and seeing she never wore it, I decided it was time I took care of this wrinkly coat but still cute-looking coat. 

Before we jump into more photos, I was starting to question myself and my "expressive" personality. Back in my Communications class, my classmates and I all took a quiz to discover our communication style (the true you, aka when you get stressed- the true you that reveals itself). There was no doubt that this was not necessarily 100% accurate, but provides a basic guideline for us to understand ourselves and our classmates/others, especially when the need of communicating rises for school projects, jobs, etc.. 

There were 4 main communication styles/personality traits: Analytical, Driver, Expressive, and Amiable. I'll describe each of them with a couple of points (both pros and cons):
  1. Analytical: Thinks deeply or often, prefers numbers and logic over emotions and feelings, perfectionist
  2. Driver: Gets things done, are determined to set and achieve goals, dominating or "my way" type of person
  3. Expressive: Expresses selves through hand gestures/talking, enthusiastic, dreamer/unrealistic
  4. Amiable: Very supportive of others, considers others, not assertive, diplomatic

My primary communication style was expressive (with a secondary trait of analytical) and I couldn't agree more. I'm the type to send excessive amounts of emojis and exclamation marks to friends (I have to fight back my urge of doing this when sending out networking emails to professionals and professors). I'm the type to give all the little details when talking about a given situation... 

I didn't realize how annoying this could be for other communicators. My brother and sister recently complained how I give too much details when I could easily get straight to the point and made fun of my hand gestures. Heh.. heh. They make me feel so guilty. 

Anyway, that was just a little food for thought, and I strongly recommend you to take the quiz to understand what type of communicator are you, and how you could possibly tailor yourself to others once you start picking up hints of what type of communicators others are. If you could master this, you'd be amazing at communicating with different people for different purposes- i.e., your co-workers or boss, family/friends, SO, etc. 

Here is a test or a guide I found pretty similar to the quiz I took in class that you can take to determine your communication style! :) 

Some negatives of these types of quizzes or determining one main communication style could lead to the self-fulfilling theory, where you believe you're this type of trait and then purposely tailor your thoughts and actions to fulfill the trait characteristics when it may not necessarily be true. It could also be harmful when communicating to others, if you make assumptions about someone else's trait. Either way, I still think it'd be helpful to realize what communication style you fit and learn to communicate to others. Just be mindful that it's a guide to improving communication among people! :) 

So, I was wondering, for all of you Expressives out there, how do you adapt to better tailor communication for others? And if you're the analytical type, how would you prefer expressives to communicate to you?   
hair and wind... a fun duo

My expression for Edmonton's summer 
Oh, hello there. Didn't see you. :") 
Anyway, personalities are interesting and they can change overtime as well. I believe I used to be more of an analytical type of person, but high school (especially my travels abroad for scholarship trips or family travels) and university life has really changed my perspectives and I think the more reserved side of me has opened up a lot more. Either that, or i was always hindering my crazy side (I guess I only revealed it to people I was close to, like my siblings haha). 

Well, the weather up is going... just being the typical summer it is. I hope the weather is going really well for everyone else~ we're just experiencing a mix of hot temperatures (high 20s) and cooler temperatures from the rain and thunderstorms. 

By the way, I've been wondering, do you prefer my photos really large or a bit smaller? ^ The photos above are a mix of both the original size (larger photos that require more scrolling to see the entire photo) or the large photos? I've always wondered if people minded scrolling down to capture the details of the outfits, or if they'd rather easily see the entire photo. :) Let me know in the comments below! ^^ 

That's it for today and I hope you have an amazing day!


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