Monday, 17 July 2017

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//week in review//

I thought it'd be a little fun to do these "week in review" posts just to update a little of my personal life (for all of you who are nosy... oh, wait.. nobody's nosy and curious about my life?). I think most of them would be reposts of some of my instagram photos haha :') by the way, follow me on instagram if you have one and let me know you did so I can follow you back! I love connecting with my blogger friends :") 

Not sure if I told you guys this, but I'm working as a Business Development Intern for an assisted living facility. They're a special type of senior's home as they specialize in dementia care and nursing care. I'm currently working on their business proposal and it feels great being able to put my business skills I've learned through school into real life! 

My "anime/manga/kpop" squad haha. We spent the day dancing to kpop dances as two of my friends will be performing some dances (TT and Mr. Chu by Twice) for the upcoming anime convention, Animethon, and shopping around the mall. Since my friends are going to be selling artwork at Artists' Alley (mainly anime posters they drew through tablet or applications), we all headed to a print store and they received their test prints for their posters! It looked amazing and I'm so proud to have such artistic friends. ^^ I'll probably post a few posters they drew if they let me hehe. Anyway, ended off the day by watching vlogs, vlogging with a new Sony camera I bought, and munching off take-out pizza. Call us boring but I love these ordinary, simple days. ;) 

//Oomomo Store// 
a $3 Japanese store (similar concept to Daiso)
Photo courtesy of Oomomo
One friend who always splurges on cute things spent around $30 here? This is her probably on her best day. Hahah. Anyway, a lot of cute small things, but personally I'd probably buy many of these household items through Dollarama for $1 as these are quite expensive. The cute colors and designs are definitely a plus though. I bought some cute fabrics for an upcoming DIY project (will be revealed soon!) I'm working on and I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys :) 

//Outfit Photos//
I'll try to remember the stores I bought these pieces from (I know where I buy my clothing, but I stole a couple of my sisters' pieces ^^)

top: express // tights: yesstyle
jeans: calvin klein 
top: express // bag: michael kors

top: yesstyle // shorts: ebay

I realized my instagram posts looked a lot more appealing without my head in it (I can already hear my sister snickering)... thus, these new types of outfit photography emerged! I'm really digging it though because it's fun to make and I don't need to beg anyone to help me take outfit photo :P I use my Sony camera and the self-timer, and voila, life is good when you get things done yourself. #girlboss

How did your week go? 
What do you think of these outfit photos as opposed to my regular "head-showing" photos (I'll still be uploading those, but less frequently than my daily ig ootds!) :P 

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