HELLO! I am currently a business student at the University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School), and I am entering my final year come Fall 2017. I am also excited to be going on exchange to Australia for the second semester. :) I'm super excited to be blogging again and please feel free to leave me a comment and your blog url so we can connect. 

Welcome to my small world where I share my experiments of dressing up, beauty&health, and lifestyle. This is also a chance for my 20-year old self (soon 21) to release my inner girl through my thoughts and style. :) 

Random Facts... I'm not your typical girl
1. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! I used to get annoyed that we lived in Edmonton because it was so boring but it'll always be my favourite home!

2. Ethnicity & background: My Mom is from Brunei (our ancestry originates from Southern China, Guangzhou) and my Dad from Vietnam.

3. I can read, write, and speak 3 languages fluently: English, Mandarin & Cantonese (fun fact: I learned Mandarin because my schools offered bilingual programs from first grade to 12th! + I think I learned Cantonese through dramas?)

4. I have many siblings.. any guesses? That's right. It's 6 siblings. All 6 are younger than me. I'm the eldest (sometimes I wished I had an older brother or sister!)- much responsibility hey? This may also explain my love for babies and children ;) 

5. I love trying new things and have always wanted to YouTube or vlog with fun interesting content!

6. Germs scare me. I'm getting better though. I used to avoid sharing drinks with people- even my siblings, and I would clean my phone case everyday after school with Lysol wipes. Crazy, and what a waste of money, I know.

7. I am a big lover of crochet (cute beanies, scarves, or stuffed animals, you name it!) and I hope to make DIY tutorials someday! I also play the piano (wow, so typical asian of me, hey?) and I love reading all sorts of books! I once dreamed of becoming an author of teen girl books, hehe. I've recently been fascinated by Psychology books, non-fiction, and mental health readings. 

8. I love fashion from all around the world- inspired mainly by western fashion of minimalism, classics, but I'm also in love with asian fashion from Korea and Japan, starring cutesy, more bows & ruffles-type of thing. This may explain my different types of outfits I wear?

9. I still have virgin hair. Hopefully summer 17 will change it? 

10. I used to be a hardcore gamer with no life! Maplestory and this other dancing game held by Nexon were a couple of games besides Facebook games and other types of games from websites. Maybe gaming was what helped me achieve a WPM average of around 95 to 115? 

Bucket List:
1. Start my YouTube channel and produce some good content with my own loyal following ;) 

2. Do something scary- sky dive / bungee jumping / paragliding  / scuba diving

3. Travel to as many countries as possible and experience locals' ways of life
     Currently ticked off: 

  • CANADA: Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Toronto, Niagara, Blue Mountain
  • UNITED STATES: Hawaii (Honolulu), San Diego, Denver 
  • CHINA: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Yantai
  • PHILIPPINES: Manila, Cebu, Baguio City

4. Go on a work-holiday in a country like Japan for a year! Shopping, travelling, meeting new people, and working in a new country sounds amazing! 

5. Go backpacking in an interesting country! 

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